• Germany’s Typical WWI Soldier

    World War I Blog

    Germany’s Typical WWI Soldier

    A Post reporter and a British humorist describe the regimented and obedient nature of the German people in the early 20th century.

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  • Nothing but the Truth

    Contemporary Fiction

    Nothing but the Truth

    An uncle returns from WWII a changed man. Some injuries you simply can’t see.

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  • John LaGatta

    Cover Artists

    John LaGatta

    John LaGatta's covers often depicted glamorous, elegant women, providing an escape from the realities of the Great Depression.

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  • The Angel

    The Dating Project

    The Angel

    Will Sarah put politics aside for a guy who meets so many of her dating criteria?

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  • Freedom of Speech

    Post Perspective

    Freedom of Speech

    The deadly January 7 attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo has sparked worldwide debate on freedom of speech.

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