• Illustrated by Ralph Pallen Coleman


    The Difficulty of Marriage

    Dad wonders if his son will fall on his face when he is married, but decides that marriage is really just another kind of job — the skills he has gained from one can transfer to the other.

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  • Fourth of July

    Classic Covers

    Fourth of July

    This week, we’re preparing for the Fourth of July by gathering our favorite red, white, and blue cover art dedicated to this summer holiday.

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  • "You complain that your fiancee is after you to buy some new clothes."Illustrated by Ralph Pallen Coleman


    Professionalism and Appearances

    Dad’s “far-flung network of inscrutable spies” has reported that his son is, in short, a lazy slob, so Dad feels obligated to explain how to be a civilized adult.

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  • John LaGatta, © SEPS

    Lighter Side

    Marriage Season

    How did June get to be the wedding month when February would clearly be superior?

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  • Jeff Fusco Photography

    Health & Family

    The Eureka Factor

    The search to understand where great ideas come from.

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Post Week in Review

News of the Week: Men of Late Night, the Monopoly Musical, and a Moon of Strawberry

Chocolate puddings, strawberry moons, and ancient Twinkies are all on the smorgasbord of Bob Sassone’s column this week, plus some late-show antics and Broadway board games — in case you’ve already eaten.

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